Pottier Académie de Danse

Pottier Académie de Danse



Tuition is due the first of each month. Courtesy invoices are emailed on the 22nd of the proceeding month. There is a $15.00 late fee for tuition not received on or before the first of the month. Tuition is calculated based on the entire dance year (January-December), and is the same each month, even for those shortened by holidays/closures. There are no refunds, credits, or transfers. Credit for a make-up class will be provided only for extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family or serious illness. As a courtesy, one vacation credit will be afforded during the summer months (June-August). To utilize a vacation credit, parents/guardians must submit a request two weeks prior to the intended date of absence.

A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks. A minimum $3.00 processing fee will be added for every credit/debit transaction. Tuition can be paid during classes or online. You may also elect to enroll in auto-payments by clicking the link below and completing a credit card authorization form.


Upon enrollment, all parents/guardians are required to fill out a New Student Registration Form, which will be provided at your dancer's first class. There is a non-refundable annual registration fee of $30.00 due by August 20th of every year. Families with two or more students, shall receive $5.00 per every additional student (2 students = $55.00, 3 students = $75.00). Annual registration fees paid in May, June, or July, will not be due again until August of the next year.

Any students who miss four consecutive classes will be required to re-register and pay a new registration fee upon returning to class(es).


Students are expected to attend every class, and to arrive on time. Progress in class depends upon the student's regular attendance and consistent class participation. Important warm-up exercises are conducted at the beginning of each class, and arriving late causes disruption. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late, may not be able to participate in class.

Attendance during recital time is very important. If a student misses too many classes during recital time, it is at the discretion of the instructor as to whether the student will be able to perform


We have two dance recitals each year, and all students are welcome and encouraged to participate. They are typically held the first or second week in June and the second week of December, and take place at Clarke Dominguez Gymnasium, where they are always professionally produced and presented. There are participation fees which include fees & costs for costumes. Students will be required to attend rehearsals, which may be scheduled outside of normal class times. It is your choice as to whether your dancer participates in these recitals, although we encourage all students to participate. This is where you (as well as your family and friends), can see the progress your dancer has made, and provides an opportunity for all of our dancers to showcase their talents and hard-work.


All tuition invoices and receipts will be sent via email, as will all other communications and correspondences, including Newsletters.


Students should use the restroom before class, and should be on their best behavior while in class. Any students misbehaving may be asked to leave the classroom. Respect should be given at all times to parents, instructors, and fellow dancers. Continual misconduct may result in dismissal from the studio. There is no food, gum or drinks, other than water, permitted in the studio. Students with cell phones must have them silenced and put away during class.


The studio will be closed for all major holidays. All studio holidays can be found on our studio calendar.